Worship Expectations

Some of you are wondering what should I wear.  You'll find people dressed modestly in various styles of clothing.  As the pastor, I continue to dress in a coat and tie, however, sometimes I'm the only one dressed that way, but it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable simply because I want to dress that way.  Most of the congregation are dressed in business casual.  You'll feel comfortable however you dress.  Our thoughts are more concerned about what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside.

We are a growing congregation so we are visited frequently, and we like to welcome our guests.  We will not overwhelm you, but we will let you know we are happy to have you visit with us.

The Pinecrest Church is a place where you can invest your life in something that is bigger than us and will last far beyond of life.  Join us on a journey that has eternal consequences.

Our worship style is blending the old and new in a pleasant experience of worship.