We’re Making Progress

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Good News

The Pinecrest Church was born only a short time ago, on August 6.  We are now The Pinecrest Church Inc. which means we are a registered non-profit organization recognized by the State of Georgia.

We are a New Church, with a New Vision, and a New Direction.  As a new church you crawl before you walk, and walk before you run, etc.  As a new church the most important thing we offer is opportunity. Do you recall your first job, and when you first married and set out to build your life.  For most of us those were challenging days.  We struggled, worked hard, and sacrificed.  When you look back on  it you ask yourself, how did I make it?  When you rehearse your life, you recall those days because they were exciting, challenging, and uncertain.

If you like adventure and the wonderment of where God’s is leading and how he is showing up, perhaps The Pinecrest Church is for you.  You’ll find a community of Christians who are excited about the journey we’re making.  We are planting a church like a man plants a tree, knowing that he’ll likely never rest in the shade of that tree.   What we are engaged in as we plant The Pinecrest Church we are planting for future generations.  We believe that are worth the sacrifices which we are making now to the glory of God.

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