Welcome to the website for The Pinecrest Church located at 103 Old Norton Road.  We were born on August 6, 2017.  You are invited to share in the beginning of this new and fresh congregation that has an Open Heart; an Open Bible and an Open Mind to building a congregation where Christ is central to all that we do.

We live in an estranged world.  There are so many things that divide us into groups and camps that created a hostile environment.  With Christ at the heart of all that we do, and the Bible as our guide for following Christ we seek to make Christ known to our world.

In our first day’s it has been interesting how the Lord has brought people together for the cause of continuing to make him known.

The Pinecrest Church is a church where you can make a unique contribution.  A new church is challenged to attract people who are pioneers.  The work we are doing is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who have a brave heart and a constitution for a challenge with the full knowledge that faithfulness to Christ has eternal rewards, and fulfillment in this present world.

Our goal is to Make Him Known.  Christ is the Hope for your life and for our world.

We worship at 11:00 AM each Sunday.  We have Bible Study at 9:45 each Sunday and at 11:00 on Wednesday.  Please join us.

We are fortunate to have many Christians in local churches who have joined out effort by prayer and encouragement.  Please pray for us that we may be a light at the corner of Hiway 54 and Old Norton Road to “Make Him Known.”

Welcome to The Pinecrest Church 103 Old Norton Road.  Worship on Sunday 11:00 and Bible Study 9:45 on Sunday and 11:00 on Wednesday.