We can't do it alone.  I believe God has commissioned the work we are about at The Pinecrest Church.  However, I know that with God's guidance and your awareness of Him in your life of service perhaps there's a match.  A match of your skills with needs that we have at The Pinecrest Church that we can't do alone.

General Doolittle of Dolittle's Raiders made a statement that has been my companion for years.  In assimilating the troops of those who would go into enemy territory on what appeared to be a suicide mission, he said, "I want volunteers because there is no stronger heart than the heart of a volunteer."  As  I see  many secular organizations about Fayette County that function with a host of faithful volunteers, I know we can assembly volunteers for the Mission of The Pinecrest Church which is "To Make Him Known."

The wife of Dr. Robert Jarvick, inventor of the artificial heart, said that her husband went into the admission's committee of his last hope for medical carrying his invention prototype of the artificial heart in his hands.  She quotes him saying to the committee, "I come with my heart in my hands."  We need folks who have a servant spirit to volunteer for the mission we have "To Make Him Known."


I will be listing projects on this page which might match your skills, desire and stage in life where you want to volunteer for a project.  Watch for the list on this page and in the blog section of this site.  JW Wallis, pastor



The Tribute Tree    http://thepinecrestchurch.com/a-tribute-tree/

  1.     The Tribute Tree listed above.
  2.     We have a dead pine tree to cut down and remove debris
  3.      The outside windows need to be cleaned
  4.      The ground spruced up and shrubs cut
  5.      Window and doors treatment to keep out cold and heat inside
  6.      Clutter cleaned from closets and building
  7.      Ideas for reducing debt
  8.      Weekly cleaning of the building

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