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Obviously The Mass Church Murders in Sutherland Texas has gripped the attention of the world. This is one of a number of church incidents where worshipers have been slaughtered.

At the suggestion of others, I’ve taken a close look at our safety at The Pinecrest Church. I’m open to other suggestions, but for now this is what we will do for your protection and security.

Most of our congregation is mobility challenged. However, we have only two doors unlocked on Sunday. We also have high visibility to anyone approaching our building. Beginning Sunday, I will have the only two accessible doors locked shortly after our worship begins. Even those of you who have physical challenges can lock and unlock the doors. Like a volunteer on a airplane, we will need one of you to secure the door at the appointed time.

As you know we now remove the offering from the sanctuary and place it in the safe. So money is no longer an attraction for a robber.

Your protection is very important to me. We never want to allow the threats of our world to stop us from being a free and open society.

Always be aware of your surroundings particularly exits in front of you and behind you. Always be proactive with thoughts about how you can shield yourself from an active shooter. As you know there are two exits as you face the pulpit, one on either side of the church, one on the organ side and one on the piano side. And of course there are the exits in the lobby of the church. You have exits in front and back of you. All the entrances will be locked at an appointed time when the worship service begins.

None of this is to alarm you, but to assure you that we are proactive about protection.

If someone comes to the door after it has been locked The Door Keeper can assess whether it is friend or foe.

I invite you to share any thoughts you have that will make you feel safer.

Your pastor, jw wallis

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