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Many of you like Willene and I are looking for the options we have make our end of year donations.  We’ve generally contributed to the causes nearest and dearest to us which are the interests of our children and grandchildren.  Their interests have led us to contribute to causes in many places in our world.  Schools, mission  trips, drilling wells, teaching students and filling empty stomachs have been some of the needs we’ve contributed too.

This year we’ve gone selfish.  We entered into a relationship with a church to guide it to a conclusion, and then planted a new congregation, The Pinecrest Church.  Our new church took on a large debt which has put us in bondage for a time.  We are looking for a “Get out of Jail” card.  The bondage of debt personally and collectively limits us.  Our congregation will not be able to move forward in hiring another pastor, or expanding programs and other staff until we cast off this burden of debt.

We are not asking for “Givers” but we are looking for “Investors”.  An investor expects a return on his investment.  Our thought is you will not get any money back on you contribution, but you will see evidence of a prospering Church to the Glory of God.  Our vision statement is:  “To Make Him Known”.  If you want to invest in something that has eternal consequences this is for you.  We measure your gift as love expressed for the message of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting Life.”

The matchless nature of “everlasting life” is that it begins when one chooses to follow Jesus Christ.  Living the teaching of Christ maximizes life in this world, and gives us the promise of life beyond this world.  Our goal in reaching people for Christ is to show them the way to get the most out of the “here and now,” and claim the promise of the “here after.”

So, if you know the power of Investing, this is you.  Use the contact form below to send me your desire to Invest in Pinecrest.  You may make an investment as a Prayer Partner, Volunteer, Suggestions for Reaching out to our community, a new ministry and a financial gift.  The Power of Investing turns Giving into it’s greatest potential and fulfillment.   JW Wallis


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