Welcome to The Pinecrest Church 103 Old Norton Road, Fayetteville, Ga.

The Pinecrest Church was born August 6, 2017.  At present we are incorporated as a non-profit organization operating with an Advisory Board until we are a Constituted Church with officers and members.  The pastor is JW Wallis whose role is to enable the church to establish a sound foundation for a younger pastor to assume the role as pastor as soon as possible.

Our vision at the closing of the former congregation is the preservation of 103 Old Norton Road as a light house for presenting the Gospel and forming a Christ centered fellowship for years to come.  The growth and movement of the business and population continues in the direction of Peachtree City.  Near us is the Fayette-Piedmont Hospital, The Pinewood Studio, The Pineforest Multi-use Development, and near Veterans Parkway where a large track of land is being developed into another Multi-use sub-division.

We are in the path of a growing community, and we chose to invest in establishing a Faith community to enrich the lives of those who come to this area.

Our mission is not for the faint of heart.  We offer anyone who chooses to join us a pathway requiring sacrifice and service that will honor God.

Our directors are:  Wayne Howell, Dr. Emmanuel McCall, Ms. Judy Mahle and Rev. Glen Stringham.  These Advisers are volunteering their time and skills as they guide and assist the Pastor in establishing a firm foundation.  The pastor and The Pinececrest Church are accountable to this committee as we move forward to build a Community of Faith to Honor our Lord.