The Path to Peace

Many people search the Internet every day for peace because their life is in turmoil.  I've been there.  I sought peace in serious moments of near despair.  The personal choice of Faith is one of the most important decisions we make.  I'm not one to share with many people my internal life.  Perhaps this is a quiet time when you are reaching out because every other place in your life is tumultuous.  In this quiet and safe place click on the following link, it'll guide you to the Path of Peace for your life.   The Path to Peace 

Opportunity for Service

We have been given an opportunity to serve our community as ambassadors for our church and Christ. If you love people and your church, I need you. Our purpose or mission is "To Make Him Known". By serving refreshments provided by the sponsors we will meet and greet people, many of whom we will know. By our presence it will be a reminder to them that The Pinecrest Church is ready to serve our community. I hope you will join me. Use the form below to respond.

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I believe you’d like the friendly and comfortable atmosphere at The Pinecrest Church. We’d like to shake your hand and welcome you to church.

Worship Services

11:00 AM on Sunday Bible Study 9:45 Sunday Bible Study Wednesday 11:00


We are located at 103 Old Norton Road, opposite to the road to The Pinewood Studios. We are one stop light before the Fayette-Piedmont Hospital toward Peachtree City, GA.

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